Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hello all! Welcome to my new blog.

I've set this up in order to share a few things with you. First, if you were a reader of The Cocky and the Cougar (a Twilight fanfiction) you might be interested to know that I am working on an alternate ending for that story. The new version will be posted here. It will be posted nowhere else.
As I've been working on the alternate version, I went through and edited the old story. I am therefore also reposting the (now re-edited) original, here. Mainly, I corrected typos and made slight alterations based on things I’ve learned about writing over the two-plus years that have passed since I first started writing the story. There are also a couple of issues I had with the original plot, though, that have been altered. Nothing major and, trust me - it’s much better this way. And the smutty stuff is all still there. ;) So the few of you who might stumble upon this silly story in the future get a cleaner version than the poor folks who were reading it back in the day.

Just an FYI: I’ve removed the story from all other fic posting sites. Most of you will know the issues we have posting mature material at - I just thought it better to remove the story from there before it gets pulled. And frankly, I just got tired of having to pay attention to multiple posting sites, especially since my readership on those other sites was small.

I will also be posting other writing that I do - mostly original work, but stuff I won't be publishing elsewhere. I do have some outtake chapters of the book I hope to get published soon, as well, so let's hope that happens so I can share them with you all. :)
Hope you enjoy...

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