Friday, June 8, 2012

The Cocky and the Cougar, Chapter Ten - The Beginning

Chapter 10 ~ The Beginning
I was sucking on a Tootsie Pop when he walked in, for no other reason than I happened to love Tootsie Pops and they make working on inane Excel spreadsheets vastly more entertaining than they would be ordinarily. Of course, Edward didn't see it that way.
"Oh my God. What are you trying to do to me?" he asked as he walked through my door, unexpectedly.
I pulled the sucker out of my mouth, for the moment clueless as to what he was on about.
"To what are you referring, Teddy?"
"The sucker," he said, walking through the room, toward me. "You're really sitting here, sucking on a lollipop?"
"What's the problem, exactly?" I grinned in an evil manner.
He leaned over my desk, his hands placed on it in front of him. "You know exactly what that makes me think of."
I leaned back, my tongue playing with the Tootsie Pop as he leered at me from over the desk.
"Are you seriously telling me that you have a body part that is shaped like this Tootsie Pop? Because if so, I think we need to reexamine this budding relationship of ours."
Edward chuckled and sat down in the chair. "You are really cruel," he said.
"Hey, I was just sitting here in my office, innocently snacking on some candy, and you walked in and let your dirty mind run amok. None of this is the result of my being cruel. I didn't even know you were coming to see me."
"Yeah, but you love teasing me like this."
"Well, sure. But that is a different matter entirely." I grinned again and he groaned softly as my tongue wrapped around the sucker.
I chuckled and pulled it from my mouth. "Okay, enough fun and games. We're going to get in trouble. What can I do for you?"
"After watching that display? I can think of a number of things you can do for me." He wagged his eyebrows at me and I laughed.
"You're lucky it's late and there's nobody here, bub."
"Yeah, that's why I stopped in. I was on my way out and saw that monstrosity of yours still sitting in the parking lot, so I thought I'd come and make sure you're still coming out for drinks with us."
I raised my eyebrows at him. "You couldn't have called me? Sent me a text?"
"Well, sure, but then I wouldn't have gotten to see you wrapping your lips around a lolly."
I chuckled. "Yes, I'm coming. After the day I had today, I certainly need a drink. In truth, I'm thinking of just ordering a bottle and a straw."
"Well, come on then.” He stood. “I don't want to be left alone with Rose while Alice sticks her tongue down Jasper's throat all night. Frankly, Rose scares me just a little."
I grinned as I reached to shut down my computer. "How many cars were still in the parking lot?"
"A couple. Why?"
I glanced up at him. "Why do you think?"
"You ashamed to be seen exiting the building with me?" He stuffed his hands in his pockets.
"Let's just say I have no desire to add fuel to the fire."
He huffed dramatically. "Fine. If it makes you more comfortable, I'll go now so I'll be well ahead of you."
From the look on his face as I gazed at him, it was obvious that he didn't expect me to take him up on his offer.
"You're serious..."
I looked at him, pointedly.
He huffed again. "This is really ridiculous, you know. It's not like there's anyone here who doesn't already know."
I sighed and he huffed yet again and turned to leave. 
"Fine,” he said. “Whatever. I'll see you there."
I sat back in my chair with a heavy sigh as I watched my laptop shut itself down. This truly had been the worst day in my professional life. I'd spent most of it holed up in my office, not wanting to hear the whispers or see the sideways glances I experienced whenever I did venture out into the halls. In my mind, I knew I'd done nothing wrong and I had every intention of continuing to do whatever it was I was doing with Edward. But it still sucked to be subjected to such pettiness and small-mindedness from people who used to respect me, even if most of them didn't care much for me.
I placed my laptop in its case and, hanging the shoulder strap across my chest, I locked my office door and headed out to my truck.
There was a rather large glass of vodka waiting for me when I arrived at the Serious 'Que and Alice jumped up to give me a hug. I smiled as she wrapped her arms around me. Alice gave great hug.
"Oh my God," I said as I sat down at the table next to Edward and in front of my waiting drink. The other three sat across from us. 
"You people are life savers." I took a healthy drink and set the glass on the table. "As is the maker of Grey Goose vodka, I might add."
Edward chuckled and caressed my back. I smiled at him, happy he wasn't angry with me, as he had seemed so when he left my office. My hand went to his thigh, almost involuntarily.
"Yeah, Jazz and Edward have been filling us in on what's going on at your office," Rose said, an edge to her voice. "I can't believe you work with such idiots."
I shrugged, trying to seem casual. "Well, as I was told about a dozen times today—it will all blow over, eventually."
Jasper grinned. It was apparent that he'd been drinking heavily, as his eyes were glazed over and he had a slight slur to his speech. His southern accent, usually barely noticeable, seemed more prominent as well.
"You wouldn't believe the versions of this story I heard today," he said. "First I was told that Victoria caught the two of you fucking in your truck. Then I heard you were just giving him a blow job in the middle of the street." 
My jaw fell open as he continued. 
"Of course, I did hear what I assume to be the truth, eventually: that she followed you guys out and caught you kissing up a storm. Apparently, the heat she witnessed might have burned down buildings." 
He laughed and the girls laughed along with him. I blushed.
Edward was chuckling, himself. "Believe me when I say that Bella and I will never have sex in that truck."
"Oh really?" I asked, taking another drink. "You shouldn't discount it outright. I've had some pretty great sex in that truck."
Rose raised her eyebrows. "Seth?"
"Among others." I shrugged, grinning.
Edward held up his hand in a warding-off gesture. "Even more reason not to have sex in that thing."
"Well, you know, I've had sex in my house, too. Does that mean we can't do it there either?"
He grimaced before tipping a bottle of beer to his lips. "Just don't ever remind me again."
The rest of us started laughing.
"I'm sorry, Edward," I said. "Were you under the impression that I am a virgin?"
"After our weekend?” He winked at me. “No, I was not."
Rose crossed her arms on the table in front of her. "Ooh, this sounds good. Do tell."
"Yeah, sure Rose," I said. "As if."
Edward winked again, this time at Rosalie. "I'll tell ya later," he said to her and I slapped his arm.
"Of course the most colorful reaction came from that guy in Accounting." 
Jasper was apparently intent on sticking to the subject and my heart jumped to my throat. 
"What's his name, Bella?"
"James," I croaked, looking down at the drink in front of me.
"Yeah, that's him." Jasper took a drink from the glass in front of him before he continued. "I walked in on quite a serious exchange between you two this mornin'." He looked at the others. "I've never felt such anger comin' off of a guy before. At least not at work, ya know?"
Rose peered over at me. "James ... This is the guy you've mentioned before, right?"
I blushed as my stomach clenched.
She looked from me to Edward and, to her credit, tried to dodge the subject. Rose and Alice both knew who James was and about our past flirtations. I'd shared with them many a hot fantasy I'd had about the guy.
"Well," she said. "I for one am happy that you guys don't have to keep this whole thing under wraps. That's just stressful. Who needs all that subterfuge?"
Alice jumped in and started talking about Jasper's promotion and we toasted to his good fortune, congratulating him. While I was thankful for the change in subject matter, I couldn't even really hear what was being said. All I could hear was my heart pounding and Edward's breathing. While his arm remained around me, he had dropped it to the back of my chair and was no longer touching me.
I had two more drinks and shared some sweet potato fries with Alice, considering that my dinner. Not the healthiest of meals, to be sure. Even Rose commented that she was shocked I'd ordered the fries at all, let alone eaten more than my fair share of them. Considering the mood I was in though, I felt I deserved the fried, fatty goodness.
"What?" Edward asked. "You don't usually order sweet potato fries?"
"Well, I love them, but they're not exactly good for me, you know."
His fingers started to play with the label on his beer bottle, as if he wasn’t aware. "Some of the best things in life aren't exactly good for you."
"Yeah," Rose piped in. "Like booze."
"Smoking," Edward said, with a grin.
"Pretty boys," I said, smirking and taking a drink of my vodka.
Edward turned his head quickly to look at me, his mouth half open, as Rosalie started to laugh.
He leaned to speak into my ear. "I can be very good for you, if you'll let me."
"What makes you think I was referring to you ... pretty boy?"
Rosalie laughed again. "Are you two gonna start this bantering back and forth bit again? ‘Cause seriously, warn me next time so I can bring my video camera."
Edward chuckled, but I ignored her question and instead leaned closely to her.
"So Rose ... how are things with you?" I raised my eyebrows suggestively, hoping she would understand the specifics of what I asked.
"Well..." She leaned toward me as well. We looked like we were sharing trade secrets. "If you're talking about my pretty boy–"
"Ooh," I interrupted. "He's pretty?"
"Very. Anyway, things are great. And he is very good for me."
"So why the big secret, Rose?" Alice asked what I was thinking.
Rose sat back in her chair and looked down at her drink, running her fingers lightly over the condensation on her glass. A small smile crept over her face.
"You know ... I think I might finally be ready to spring him on you. We'll see how it goes this week."
"Ooh, goodie!" Alice clapped her hands together softly and danced in her seat a little while Jasper looked at her with a besotted, lopsided smile gracing his lovely features until she turned to him and kissed his cheek. The whole display made me smile. Alice had been quite boy crazy, but essentially alone since I'd met her through Rosalie five years earlier. She'd gone through a number of short-term boyfriends (emphasis on the word "boy") in that time. I knew, of course, that they hadn't been together long, but she and Jasper certainly seemed to be very much a couple. It was lovely to see her with such a great guy—one who actually deserved her.
As Jasper leaned to whisper into Alice's ear, I watched a blush creep over her face. Within moments, they were standing.
"I think I need to get this one home," she said, motioning toward Jasper. He swayed on his feet a little. "He needs some extra time to sleep this off before he has to wake up in the morning."
Rose chuckled as she stood up, as well. "Uh-huh. As if you want to get him home to sleep."
Alice made to hit her on the arm, but Rose dodged out of the way, laughing, before leaning in to hug her and then Jasper. I stood to do the same, walking over to their side of the table. 
"Congratulations again, Jasper,” I said. “And thanks again for this morning."
He pulled away and looked down at me, his arms still around me. "Well, I didn't do nothin'".
I smiled and hugged him again. "Yes, you did."
Edward gave me an odd look as I broke our hug and moved away. He then shook Jasper's hand. 
"I'm not hugging you, you drunken jackass," he said to Jasper with a grin, before turning to Alice. "I will, however, hug your lovely girlfriend." 
"Yeah, just watch where you put your hands, buddy," Jasper said and Edward chuckled over the top of Alice's head as they embraced.
"'Bye Edward,” Alice mumbled into Edward's chest as he gave her a bear hug. Alice was quite petite, but next to Edward she looked downright tiny.
Once they'd left and Edward and I prepared to sit down again, Rosalie stopped us by announcing she was leaving, as well.
"I know when I'm the third wheel," she said.
"You are no such thing, Rose," I said. "Stay with us."
She waved a hand in the air. "I got stuff to do and a long day tomorrow. I'll talk to you later, Bella."
Edward turned to give her a hug. "I'm gonna have to hang out with you all more often," he said. "I haven't seen this much action in years."
Rosalie laughed and pulled away from him.
"Hang in there, sweet tits," she said as she leaned close to hug me. "And just remember–"
"This will all blow over." She and I said it in unison and she smiled as she pulled away from me.
"Well, it will," she said.
"I know. Everything's fine. Really."
"Uh-huh." She eyed me, skeptically. "I don't buy that for a minute. But it will be." She squeezed my upper arms before letting me go.
"Bye Edward," she said, turning toward him. "Be a good boy."
Edward sat back down after everybody had left, so I sat again beside him. He turned toward me, the smile that had been on his face, gone.
"So are you gonna tell me what happened with James today?" He said his name as if it were a curse word.
I sighed heavily and took a moment before responding. "Edward, as you seem to have guessed already, the guy has ... designs on me. Or he did, anyway. So hearing about our public display of affection upset him a little bit."
"What the fuck does that mean?"
"It means he was pissed. And he told me so."
Anger written all over his face as he looked at me. "Bella, what aren't you telling me, here? You're a beautiful woman. I'm sure there are a lot of men who have 'designs' on you. Why did that fucker think it was okay to come in your office and confront you about us?"
I sighed again. "Look, he's asked me out before. I turned him down for a number of reasons, but what I told him was that our age difference bothered me and that I don't date people I work with. I don't know which version of the story about us he heard, but hearing about me doing whatever with somebody who is not only his age, but is also someone I work with angered him."
His intense examination of my face made me feel awkward and I dropped my eyes.
"And?" he finally asked.
"And..." I swallowed, still not meeting his eyes. "Well, truthfully, Edward, he got a little scary."
I could swear the temperature in the room immediately jumped up by ten degrees.
"What do you mean, exactly?"
His eyes were dark with anger, his jaw clenched. I was almost afraid to tell him.
"He scared me ... he—grabbed my arm. It really wasn't that big a deal, but it was just so inappropriate and it ... bothered me."
I looked up into his eyes. I felt weak and vulnerable and was not at all comforted by the increasing anger I felt coming from his direction.
Abruptly, he stood. "Let's get out of here," he said, downing what was left of his beer.
I rose beside him and his hand went to my back, leading me out the door. Under any ordinary circumstances, the heat from that hand would have felt electric. This time, it made me nervous.
When we made it outside, he dropped his hand from my back and fished in his breast pocket until he found his pack of cigarettes. We stopped walking as he lit one up.
"I'm gonna kill that little fucker," he said, blowing smoke as we started walking again.
"Oh, please," I rolled my eyes. "It's over now. Just let it go."
"Let it go?" We turned the corner that led to the parking lot behind the bar. "Are you fucking kidding me?"
"You know, Edward, this happened to me. And if I don't think it's that big a deal and I want to let it go, you need to respect that."
He laughed, darkly. "You want me to respect him, when he shows no respect for us."
We stopped behind his Volvo and I turned toward him. "I didn't ask that you respect James. I asked that you respect me. Respect my wishes on this matter, please. I really don't need any more drama at work."
"Bella, he put his hands on you! I can't just let that go and act like nothing happened!"
"Oh my God," I was practically yelling, now. "This is exactly why I didn't tell you, Edward. You already went quasi-caveman on me at just the thought of him being in my office without you there to chaperon. I knew if you heard about this, you'd freak out."
"Well, let me ask you this, Bella, more directly this time. What the fuck is or was going on with you that he felt he had the right to accost you like that in your office?"
I stood silent for a moment, seething, until I could speak reasonably. "There is nothing going on Edward. Nothing. Have I flirted with the man? Sure, I have. There's no sin in that. But I have also made it clear to him that I am not at all interested and that nothing is ever going to happen between us. I cannot control who does or does not have a crush on me."
He looked down at the ground, taking a drag on his cigarette while he ran a hand through his hair.
"But I have a question for you now, Edward." 
He looked up at me, his head still lowered. 
"What in the world makes you think you have the right to even ask me such a question?"
His eyebrows came together at my question, but I continued.
"You've known me for what? Ten days? We aren't exactly in a committed relationship. So really, even if I were fucking James underneath my desk at noon every day, that would be my business and his. Not yours."
He came closer to me, his brows drawn together in anger. I took a step back, reflexively. 
"Here's something you should know about me, Bella. When I want something, I want it. And I don't like to share."
I knew my face reflected every bit of the anger I felt and I stood a little straighter as I took a step toward him. "And here's something you should know, Edward. I am not a thing. I am not a possession. And while right now I'm not really interested in anyone but you, I was a living, breathing woman before I met you. I might have flirted with a guy or two and even slept with a few. I feel somewhat certain I'm not alone in that."
He settled back on his heels and again ran a hand through his now extremely messy hair.
"I know that," he snapped, before he took a drag on his cigarette and seemed to calm down a little. "I mean ... of course I know that. It's just—it's him. It's that asshole. I can't believe he put his hands on you like that."
"Well, I can’t either, but it's over. It had nothing to do with you and it's done. He won't ever have the opportunity to do anything like that again, so just forget about it."
"Forget about it?” His eyes went wide. “Bella, if and when I see him again, I can't say I'm not gonna kick his ass. And why didn't you at least report him to HR? That just makes me wonder if you're not lying to me about ... whatever was going on with you two."
I sighed loudly in irritation and actually stomped my foot on the ground. Just a little. "You know, if we're really going to fight about this, can we at least get in your car? I really don't feel like screaming at you in the middle of the parking lot."
He turned and unlocked the passenger door, opening it for me before moving around to the driver's side and getting in himself, his cigarette now discarded. I couldn't help but remember the last time I'd been in his car and how very different everything felt.
I turned toward him to find him looking straight ahead, out the front window of the Volvo. I could see his jaw clenching, reflecting the tension that filled the car. 
"I am not a liar, Edward," was all I could bring myself to say.
"I know that." He sighed in response, and his face seemed to soften a bit. "I mean ... I guess I know that." His face distorted in aggravation. "It's just him. That guy gets under my skin. It's so obvious what he wants from you and I–"
I interrupted him. "Shouldn't it be more important what I want?"
He sat back in his seat and looked at me. "Well, maybe that's the thing ... I mean, usually I think you—well, that you want me. But then things happen that throw me off. Like this evening, for instance—you're so worried about what people are gonna think or what they're saying about you. That becomes more important than exploring what we have goin' on here." He motioned his hand back and forth between us.
"It's not that, Edward.” I shook my head. “I don't care what people think about me. But I care very much about my career. Maybe it shouldn't be, but it's personal to me. If I come off as unprofessional or distracted or people think I'm too caught up in a cute boy to be taken seriously ... That would kill me."
I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "This is all new to me, you know? It's been ... a long time since I've been interested in someone like this."
I looked over at him and he smiled softly, his eyes lightening. He looked beautiful in the soft light coming through the windows, his strong jawline etched in shadow.
"It's not like I do this all the time," I said. My voice shook slightly, which pissed me off. I didn't want to appear weak or for him to think he had the upper hand. "I mean ... to begin with, I don't just up and make out in the parking lot with guys I just met. And I don't date people I work with, generally speaking."
He grinned. "Well, all we've done is share some sickening pizza at your house. I don't think that even qualifies as a date, so no worries."
The man made my blood boil. There I was, laying my heart out on my sleeve and he made a fucking joke out of it. However, that also gave me courage and my voice was sure when I spoke again.
"Well, then," I said. "If you don't want to date me, there is no issue. Because while I try not to date people I work with, I definitely don't just fuck people I work with." 
I made to grab for the door handle, but his hand stopped mine as he leaned over me. His grin seemed to get bigger when I looked at him.
"Hold on there," he said. "I didn't say I don't want to date you. I'm just saying we haven't dated ... yet." His eyes sparkled at me. The asshole was enjoying himself.
"Let go of my hand, Edward," I said through clenched teeth.
He shook his head, still with that nauseating cocky grin on his face. "No."
"No?" I raised one eyebrow, amazed at his gall.
He shook his head again and I swore to myself that if he didn't wipe that fucking grin off his face in about three-seconds, I was going to do it for him. 
"No," he said. "I'm not gonna let you go. Not yet."
"Edward, I have already had one man try to hold me by the arm today and I swear to God if you don't let go of me right this second, you will lose one of your testi–"
He stopped me with a kiss—a hard kiss on my mouth, forcing my lips open. He shoved his tongue inside and he did let go of my arm, only to move his hand to the back of my head, holding my face to his firmly as I struggled and made guttural sounds at the back of my throat, trying to pull my face from his grasp.
When he finally broke the kiss, I looked angrily up into his dark eyes. "You lousy son of a bitch," I said. Then I pulled his face back to mine and kissed him with every ounce of anger and frustration in my body. After the day I'd had, I had plenty of both.
I pushed him back into his seat and leaned over him. My hands ran through his hair, my fingers dug into his neck.
I knew I should be pissed, and on some level I was. But on another, all I cared about was the heat radiating off of this man and the way his tongue swam so exquisitely over and around mine. His hands roamed over my back, urging me closer to him, and one fell to my thigh, pulling until I was on his lap. I straddled him, trapped between his body and the steering wheel. 
My hands pulled roughly at his hair, needing him to pull his face away so I could catch my breath fully. As he did, my mouth fell to his neck, nipping and licking, the guttural growls coming from deep within him spurring me on.
My hands moved to the buttons on his shirt and I pulled at them, but I was clumsy in the close quarters and the frenzy I was in.
"Need ... this ... off ... Fuck!"
I heard his chuckle as his hands stilled mine and unbuttoned his own shirt swiftly.
My hands moved over his chest and I bent closer to his ear, nibbling at his earlobe. "Fucking showoff," I whispered and he chuckled again.
The skin under my hands was hot and so very smooth and I dragged my fingers over it, reveling in the ridges of his lean chest as my mouth again covered his. I heard a low moan I only barely recognized as my own as my fingertips trailed over his ab muscles and his hips bucked up into mine at their touch.
Edward's hands were in my hair and he pulled me tightly to him, his mouth running rampant over the flesh of my neck and throat. I felt him bite down where my neck meets my shoulder and I cried out at the mixture of sharp pain and exquisite pleasure, shivers wracking my body. My hands flew to his hair again, tangling there and keeping his mouth at my neck. He kissed the spot he had bitten and ran his tongue over it, making me squirm and moan even more.
"Fuck, Bella," he whispered darkly into my ear. His hot breath brought chills to my skin. "If you're gonna stop this, you'd better stop it now."
I pulled my face away, meeting his eyes with mine. "I have no intention of stopping anything," I said before pulling him to me in another deep and extremely hot kiss.
His kisses seemed more urgent then, spurred on by my admission of what I wanted. His hands moved up my sides, lifting my blouse away from my skin and leaving hot trails underneath it.
"Fuck," he said into my mouth. "Your skin ... so soft."
One of my hands remained fisted in his hair while the other drifted over his chest. I found a nipple and circled it before taking it between my finger and thumb, pinching. He groaned and his own hands took hold of my breasts, squeezing them under my shirt. Dipping his head, covered one of my breasts with his mouth. I could feel the heat and moisture of his tongue and teeth through the thin material of my blouse.
I moved my hands to unbutton my blouse, giving him more access, which he eagerly took advantage of. His hands squeezed as his mouth covered, his teeth biting at my nipples through the silk of my bra.
"So beautiful," he whispered as I shrugged the top from my shoulders.
As if only then realizing where we were, he pulled away, his eyes wide in alarm. He looked around.
I chuckled and pulled his face back to me. "It's okay," I whispered. "We've pretty much steamed these windows up. Nobody can see." Of course, I was thankful they were darkly tinted, as well.
His chuckles vibrated against my skin as he reached around to my back and expertly unhooked my bra.
"You've done that before," I said, smiling and sliding the bra straps down my arms.
His warm hand left a trail of fire across my right nipple. "A time or two," he said, pulling my left into his mouth. His tongue rolled around and over it before he lightly nipped. In response, I ground my hips into his and I moaned as I felt the proof of his desire, hot and hard against me.
His hand fell to my ass and he squeezed before trying to fit his fingers under the waistband of my pants.
"Jesus," he groaned. "You picked today to wear pants?"
I gave a throaty chuckle and pulled away from him. I lifted myself off of his lap, squeezing through the bucket seats and into the back of the Volvo. Once there, I sat with my hips lifted and slid my pants down my thighs. I watched Edward's face as he watched me through the space between the bucket seats. His eyes took in each movement of my hands and watched as the dark material slipped away to reveal the tiny, black, silk panties I wore beneath. I then slowly stripped those away, discarding them on the floor. His eyes grew darker as he studied my movements and when I was left naked, he spoke softly.
"Fuck. Me," he said and he threw his open shirt off his shoulders, scrambling to meet me in the back seat.
"If you insist," I said with a grin. My hands went again to his hair, pulling his face to mine before he was fully situated, and he almost fell on top of me, catching himself on the seat behind my head. His knee went between mine.
I grasped at the belt around his pants, quickly unbuckling it before gripping the top button between my fingers. "Your turn," I said, smiling up into his face as I lowered the zipper. My hands ran along his thighs as I pushed his pants and boxers down together and his eyes closed tightly.
I had felt it before, of course. He had spent more than half of our Sunday together with a hard-on as we wrestled and played together on the sofa or in my bed. I knew it was a decent size, but this was the first time I'd seen it, in all its glory.
It looked nothing like a Tootsie Pop.
I did, however, want to lick it.
And so I did—from base to tip, at first, my tongue swirling around the sensitive head a few times before I took him fully in my mouth. Edward's head hit the ceiling of his car none-too-gently as he stiffened with a sudden intake of breath. I half-chuckled, half-groaned around him as I moved my mouth slowly over his cock, until I had as much of him in my mouth as possible, my hand gripping its base. I reached behind him with my other hand and squeezed his ass as he groaned again.
I swallowed before moving back up while sucking, feeling the suction power that was always the result of those actions. Edward's hand gripped my head.
"Fuck! Bella, stop!"
I pulled my mouth away with a pop and looked up at him, concerned. "Stop?"
He sat back on the seat next to me and smiled. "Unless you just want to give me a blow job, yeah—you'd better stop."
I chuckled as I moved to straddle him once again. "Okay. I'll stop."
I reached down between us and took him in my hand, squeezing him firmly and smiling at his intake of breath before taking the head of his thickness between my fingers. I quickly found my opening and moved the head in a circular motion, just on the outside, drenching him in the wetness there and teasing us both.
"Ungh ... Bella."
The look on his face was priceless—magical. His head was thrown back, his hair askew. His eyes were closed to mere slits, his mouth half-open as he panted through it.
Suddenly, my eyes went wide and I gasped. "Fuck! Condom!" I leaned back and reached for my purse in the front seat, squirming as I was unable to reach it.
Edward moved beneath me. "Hold on," he said. "I've got one here." He held me with an arm around my waist while he bent toward his pants on the floor, grabbing his wallet from his pocket and the thin foil wrapper from inside. His lips and tongue covered my breast as he leaned forward and I twisted my hands through his glorious hair.
Once he had the condom securely in place, his hands moved to my ass, pulling me toward him while pushing me down at the same time. I gasped and then moaned at the feel of him fully sheathed inside of me and his hands gripped me harder as he thrust his hips and pushed himself deeper into me.
As we started moving together, my mouth fell open and my head fell back, the intense friction of our bodies divine beyond words. His lips were again at my breasts while he gripped my hips, leading my movements. I could not have stopped moaning had my life depended on it. With our every move, his every thrust, I felt him hitting places inside of me that I'd almost forgotten existed.
I lifted my head and met his eyes with mine. "Edward," I whispered and his hand came to my neck. He ran his thumb along my ear.
"You like that, baby?"
I leaned forward and lightly bit his lower lip. "God, yes," I whispered into his mouth. "You feel so good."
His hand gripped my hair and he pulled my head back as he looked into my eyes. "What feels good, Bella?"
I grinned as I looked into his dark eyes, my own heavy-lidded with passion. I moved my hips in a circular motion, eliciting a dark growl from his throat, the sound of which, combined with the feeling of him deep inside of me, made me close my eyes for a moment before responding. 
"Your cock, Edward. Your cock feels so good inside of me."
His hand moved over my neck again and through my hair, caressing me as he wrapped his other arm around my hips while pushing his farther up toward me, moving deeper inside of me. I moaned yet again, loudly.
"That's right, baby. And you feel so hot and wet around me. I could fuck you all night and not get enough."
I lit on fire at his words and threw myself back against the seat behind me. He dropped his hand from my hair at my movement and he grasped my breast. 
"Edward." I groaned his name loudly, my fingers reaching between us and moving over myself.
His eyes went wide as he watched the movements of my hand. "Fuck. Bella." Both of his hands now gripped my hips even tighter and he thrust deeply into me as I rocked against him.
I looked into his eyes, my movements becoming more urgent against him, my fingers moving madly in a circular motion. "Edward," I said, my voice hoarse. "I'm ... I'm..."
"Yes, Bella, baby. That's right." He was panting as he spoke and I could tell from his tightening grip on my hips and the strain on his face that he was close, as well.
I gripped his hair in my free hand as my face contorted and the muscles of my body clenched in spasms of erotic release.
"Edward!" I screamed his name, oblivious to our surroundings, and pulled his face to my neck where he bit down, making me scream his name again.
"Fuck!" He said into my ear. "Bella!" He thrust deeply into me, his own body now rocketing toward his release, and he growled as I felt him go rigid beneath me.
Both of my hands tangled in his now-damp hair as I gripped him tightly to me. Once he caught his breath, I felt his lips moving along the skin of my neck as he ran a trail of kisses from my collarbone to my ear.
"Jesus, Bella," he whispered before lightly kissing my earlobe.
"Yes, well," I said with a deep, staggered sigh. "It would have been better in my truck."
He chuckled as I moved off of him and sat on the seat beside him. I bent over to reach for my panties and his hand ran warm patterns over my naked back.
"So," he said, taking a deep breath and grinning as I looked back at him. "'Sweet tits', huh?"

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